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What we do

We help you access the best funding for your legal needs.
We are your preferred legal finance partner in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America.

ROCKMOND Litigation Funding Advisors provides advisory and brokerage services on access to commercial litigation finance and international arbitration finance to individuals and businesses: from startups to large corporations, and to leading law firms around the world. We maintain close relationships with the largest third-party funders in the market giving you access to the best finance solutions for the right case.

At ROCKMOND we are committed to the essence of the legal profession: to serve citizens in their access to justice. We do this by helping clients focus on the merits of their claim, rather than on their ability to pay. Helping our clients access a fair deal is what defines our work.

We help clients and lawyers transform their valuable needs from burdensome expenses to assets with upside potential. We pair these valuable needs (claims or other) with the right funder. As a result, we help our clients add value to their businesses and their firms, and we help funders by bringing them the right case.

Our process is transparent, and we work each day to keep it that way. We also ensure it is subject to the highest ethical standards. Our expertise in the legal, finance, restructuring, and insolvency sectors allows us to conduct our due-diligence in-house setting the real possibilities and necessities of the case in order to provide the funders with a complete view.

The size of our firm makes us agile and allows us to respond quickly to the needs of each case. We address new cases with seriousness, transparency and clarity.